Creating your future wealth is our focus.

We have a new name but a rich history. Launched in November 2021, Octagon Asset Management is a boutique funds management company with a team based in Wellington, Auckland, and Dunedin. We believe in our process and our people invest their money alongside you.


A disciplined approach to achieving specific investment objectives.

With Octagon, your investment is in expert hands. Our funds are each managed to specific investment objectives. By investing in an individual fund that aligns with your objectives, or building a portfolio of investments across our selection of eight funds, you benefit from the diversification and flexibility delivered by managed funds.

See which funds are right for you

We have a choice of eight professionally-managed funds to help you reach your financial goals.

Quarterly Fund Updates

Fund Updates provide you with information on how the Octagon Investment Funds have performed and what fees were charged. Fund Updates can help you to compare between funds.

Leverage our expertise

Our experienced team of fund managers bring expertise from a broad spectrum of industries and markets.

How to invest in Octagon funds

Becoming an Octagon client is straightforward. Get started today.